The Adventures of The Typhoon

The right place...

Having successfully caught the planetary governor and selling their plasmaberries in the local market for a nice sum of 2,700 credits per person. After resting up for a few days they went from planet to planet in the outer rim doing more minor and less dangerous transport jobs till they arrived at Klatooine where they picked up a transport job to take mining explosives to Taskeed. Many of the fighters talked Nix Nix into upgrading their weapons and their armor for the next few days while they rested on Taskeed after doing nothing but jobs for the past few months. With most of their money running low they decide to take a job to transport 5,700 credits worth of bulk trade goods that the company wanted transported to Celanon. After safely delivering the bulk goods to the planet they took what little left of their money from their job. Dean took off to find another job for the crew while Ronin and Nix Nix went to Gularg’s to celebrate another successful job.

Where it all began.

Our “heroes” wrap up some of their shopping on planet Kabal while the captain and owner of the ship Dean went to meet a contact of Kagesh to give him his monthly payment of 400 credits so that he could keep his ship leaving him with only 3000 credits in debt to Kagesh and his boss Zordo. With everyone’s shopping done they left the planet after picking up exotic spices and holotapes that they were commissioned to deliver to Glova in the Glova system. Not wanting to appear suspicious Dean decided to buy some plasmaberries since they cost nearly nothing to purchase and there was a surplus of them in the local market due to the unusually good harvest this year. With their “special” delivery item loaded by Nix Nix’s B-1 lifter droid they left Kabal and made their 4 day trip to planet Glova where they made safe landing in the starport city of Drepplin. On their way to Glova they managed to make arrangements to sell the “special” cargo and even managed to find themselves a buyer for their plasmaberries.


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