Denaro's Astromech Droid


Industrial Automaton R2 Astromech Droid
Dexterity 1D:
Perception 1D: Search 3D
Strength 1D:
Knowledge 1D:
Mechanical 2D: Astrogation 5D, Repulsorlift Ops 3D, Space Transports 3D, Starfighter Piloting 3D
Technical 2D: Computer Programming/Repair 5D, Space Transport Repair 5D, Starfighter Repair 5D
Equipped With:
  -Three wheeled legs (one retractable)
  -Retractable heavy grasper arm (lifting skill at 2D)
  -Retractable fine work grasper arm
  -Extendable 0.3 meter long video sensor (360° rotation)
  -Small electric arc welder (1D to 5D damage, 0.3 meter range)
  -Small circular saw (4D damage, 0.3 meter range)
  -Video display screen
  -Holographic projector/recorder
  -Fire extinguisher
  -Acoustic signaler
  -Small (20cm. by 8 cm.) internal “cargo” area
  -Some additional tools and equipment
Move: 5
Size: 1 meter
Cost: 4,525
Capsule: The R2 is easily the most successful astromech droid ever manufactured. It has spawned many variants across the galaxy. This version can only hold 5 hyperspace jump coordinates in RAM. This versatile droid has many features including a sensor package, an electro probe and even a 30-year warranty. Of the early droids in the R-series, the R2 is the only one Industrial Automaton still produces on a galactic scale.

New Epsilon
Calos 7



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