“Blast and Smash” Energy Rifle

weapon (ranged)

“Blast and Smash” Energy Rifle
Model: Prax Arms Model AXM-50 “Blast and Smash”
Type: Blaster rifle and micro-grenade launcher
Scale: Character
Ammo: 250 (blaster), 30 (micro-grenade launcher)
Cost: 4,500
Fire Rate: 7 (blaster); 1 (micro-grenade launcher)
Fire Control: 1D (Alliance-modified version only)
Range: 3-25/50/75 (blaster rifle), 5-25/100/200 (microgrenade launcher)
Blast Radius: 0-2/4/6 (micro-grenade launcher)
Damage: 5D (blaster rifle), 4D/3D/2D (micro-grenade launcher)

Game Notes: This micro-grenade launcher has a computerized fire control system. If the character can make a Moderate Perception roll (this is a free action and doesn’t count as a skill use, so there are no penalties), the character can add +1D to hit when the weapons is fired; if the character is firing at the same target repeatedly, the character automatically gets the +1D for the second and following shots. A bi-pod may be attached to the rifle, adding +1D to the blaster roll.


“Blast and Smash” Energy Rifle

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