Blaster Repair KIT



Blaster Repair Kit
Model: BlasTech Blaster Repair Kit
Type: Deluxe blaster repair kit
Skill: Blaster repair
Cost: 500
Availability: 2
Game Notes: Each repair kit contains the following: pulse adaptor module tester, collimator beam focuser, prismatic crystal aligner, static pulse adaptor modules, energy converter valve (Heter-Valve), multiple gas valve nozzles, power pack recharger, universal power pack, power pack cables, spare gas container, spare trigger cable and variable pressure adjustor, As well as gun parts for slug throwers
Source: Galladinium’s Fantastic Technology (page 79), Arms and Equipment Guide (page 96)


Grim harker: gun repair kit, consits of everything above and stuff specific to what he carrys

Blaster Repair KIT

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