Irridiam Systems Heavy Hunting Rifle (TESTING)

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weapon (ranged)

Barret" Sniper Rifle
The Barret is the largest bore/caliber slug sniper rifle in existence. It was made by the Tirchtuans, on the core world planet of Varyr while that planet was still pre-space age. With the coming of the Old Republic, the weapon went into obscurity, until 30 years before the Battle of Yavin. Interest was shown in it as a hunting rifle by many different planets, and it resurged in popularity. Three years before the Battle of Yavin, the Empire put a curtail on the weapon’s ownership and use, as it could feasibly be used to damage their land based interests, but those who already owned it, were ‘Grand-fathered’. In the early Rebellion days, some owners saw that three dozen of these found their way into the hands of the few freedom fighters that were in the Core systems. Only thirty-three are still in use by Rebel Alliance operatives.
In the time frame after Endor, many of these thirty-three that were owned, were mothballed, in favor of high-powered laser rifles and other items, but some die-hard firearm users still like them, for their punch.
“Barret” Sniper Rifle
Model: Irridiam Systems Heavy Hunting Rifle
Type: Long range slug thrower sniper rifle
Scale: Character (armor piercing rounds are Walker scale)
Skill: Firearms: Barret sniper rifle
Cost: 8,000 credits (new), 1,500 credits (used)
Additional Utilities:
Scope: 800 credits (Included)
Silencer: 600 credits
Recoil Suppressor: 700 credits (Built In)
Bipod: 550 credits
Availability: 3, R/X.
Ammo: Single shot bolt action (can have a round clip on the side)
Fire Rate: 1/1
Range: 50-750/1.75/3.5 km (with armor piercing: 25-550/1.25/2.5 km)
Damage: 6D+2
Requires STRENGTH of 3D+2 to use properly without injury. For each pip less, user takes 2 damage (i.e. 1D1 STR less than needed, 2D+2 damage is being taken).
Scope adds 2D to shots taken at medium range or greater, 1D1 at short range.
Recoil Suppressor adds +1D to STR rating, for usage purpose only.
Damage increases to 7D when shot at anyone within the minimum range, but to hit goes up by two categories.
(8D at medium scale difficulty base)
Additional Ammo types:
Armor piercing (AP): less range, but ignores scale capping for walkers and speeders. If used against character-scale targets, ignores 2D of armor protection.
Explosive (EX): same range as normal, but does 6D damage within a 10 foot radius (1-3/6D, 4-6/5D, 7-8/3D, 9-10/2D).
Willie-Mikes (WM): these are ‘fire rounds’, containing a volatile mixture of white phosphorous, magnesium, sodium and cadmium. It causes 8D damage in a 3 foot radius, and burns for 7 rounds, dropping 1D of damage each round. Anyone looking at the target area when it initially explodes whom does not have flash suppression goggles on, will be blinded for 2D minutes, and has a 25% of being permanently blinded


Irridiam Systems Heavy Hunting Rifle (TESTING)

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