Syn-optic teacher


A variety of pre-designed information learning modules are available on a wide variety of subjects. Transference procedure takes between 15-30 minutes. Depending on the level of module content, its degree of technical or cultural sophistication, the user must make an Easy-Very Difficult Perception roll to effectively absorb the material. A successful roll means the user gains +1D-3D in that given skill or skill specialization if the character’s skill level is below 5D (including attribute). The gamemaster is free to adjust costs, difficulties, skill bonus and maximum limits to any degree desired. The user may gain a benefit from a data module only once. The synoptic teacher is a favorite subconscious “brainwashing” tool of Imperial Intelligence and other organizations which may wish to plant posthypnotic suggestions in the minds of operatives without their knowledge or consent.

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Syn-optic teacher

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