Grim harker

The Bounty Hunter


Character Name: Grim Harker
Char. Pt. 10
Extra character point:20
total character points: 15
Archetype: Tech,Sniper,Bounty Hunter
Lifetime: 30
Species: Human
Force Pt. 1
Homeworld: Coruscant
Move: 10
Languages Known: Basic
Wounds: 9/18/27/36
Credits: 23,123

Description: Rugged,Rule-Bound, 6"0, 200 pounds, Scar over his right eye from his childhood, the scar has faded over time but is a constant reminder
Short black hair, Red eye color giving him the name grim, paler skin than most.

Quote: “Death comes for us all eventually”

Background: Former soldier of war, turned bounty hunter after betrayal, now follows under the rule of Zordo the Hutt and his band of bounty hunters, secretive Hutt whose power and influence is hidden in shadows


Acrobatics +1
Athletics +1
Dodge 5D
Firearms 5D
Melee +1
Sleight of Hand +1


Communications 1
Driving Repulsor: 4D
Gunnery +1
Sensors +1


Brawling 4D+1
Intimidation +1

Business 4d
Planetary Systems +1
Streetwise 4D
Survival +1


Hide 1
Sneak (2D) +(1D/(2D at 35
Investigation +1
Search +1


Armor Repair +1
Demolitions +1
Security Systems 4D
Weapon Repair +1


Long tom sniper rifle: 6D Slug/5 {Str 3D} 7D+1 min 9D 20-500 9D 500m-1km/2km has tech scope

Deck clearing Blaster: 5D blast/10 None 1m/5m/10m 45degree arc

protector revolver 3D+1 slug/5 10-Mar 30 55 2D+1 for space age

Dl 18 blaster pistol 4d blast/100 3 to 10 30 120

Irridiam heavy hunting rifle 6d+2 slug/5 2d+2 50-750/1.75/3.5 km 2D med, 1d1 (10d to hit)

Rodian Repulsor Blades Str+1D+2 Throw Kn none 25-50/150/300
3d more if failed moderate stamina check

Tangler gun 2d+4dst net/5 none 5 to 10 30 60

Gear Carried:
Scout trooper armor
2d physical and energy
sealed, comlink, Viewplate, Sensor pack (Passive sensors. +2D repulsor lift operation, 1 meter through solid objects(non sensor resistant)
Camouflage poncho = +1d sneak, +2d at 35 meters

Kase advanced combat helmet,
+2d energy/physcial
Shock boxing gloves
combat knife

Shadow Suit= +2d to sneak

Stowed Gear:

Cresh Luck Armor
+2d energy/physical,
Water purifying canteen, coolth backpack, survival pack, 10 dehydrated food packs, 4 ration concentrates,

Wrist mounted repulsorlift Grappling Gun

Med diagnostic scanner

Armor repair and gun repair kits

Craft: Desler Gizh Outworld Mobility Corp Koro-2
Type: Airspeeder
Scale: Speeder
Length: 6.61 meters
Skill: Repulsorlift operation: Koro-2
Crew: 1
Crew Skill: Varies
Passengers: 1
Cargo Capacity: 80 kilograms
Cover: Full
Altitude Range: Up to 25 kilometers
Cost: 24,800 (new), 16,400 (used)
Maneuverability: 3D
Move: 280; 800 kmh
Body Strength: 2D+1
Source: d20 Core Rulebook (page 236)
Craft: Verpine Asteroid Hopper
Type: Vacuum repulsorcraft
Scale: Speeder


Grim Harker, former soldier of war, holding out his skills to the highest bidder, and going to war on their part. His travels lead him far into the galaxy, far into the darkness of space where no rational man would go, all for the sake of a simple paycheck. That is where he met a Hutt by the name of Zordo, and his band of bounty hunters.
A simple mission, go planet side, find Hideaway spot, go in, get the data card, get out. Grim took his position as the spotter, his eyes train through his binoculars as his other mercs moved into the “Hideaway”. The silence was overwhelming at best as communications were down due the planetary storm. All that echoed now was the thunder clashing above and Grim’s own breathing. Then the storm silenced itself and all was quiet once more. Nothing moved, nothing made a sound, nothing….lived. Without a word he reached for his rifle, something was off. As his hand reached into his belt for a clip, he heard it. The sound of fighting, of blasters and screams for orders. With a quick motion the rifle was loaded and his eyes looked down the scope. 1 second of silence…nothing….2 seconds…nothing still….3 seconds…movement to the left made him jump and turn his scope, an animal, small and frightened ran back into the bush it came out of. Silence ebbed once more from the “Hideaway” and Grim’s glare down his scope was only evident by the grip he held on his gun, so tight that if it wasn’t tough enough to take a blaster shot it would have crumpled in his hand.
No beeps from his communication, no signals from the other mercs, and as the storm closed back in onto his backside, his fear slowly crept in. This mission was too easy from the start, so much info for so little a spot. With a revered sigh, his crawled back out of sight, his mind empting of the good times he shared at the bar before this big break with his “allies”. As he reached for his belt to call down the ship, a branch snapped to his left. Without hesitation his hand went to his gun as another hand went to his throat and brought him down to the ground. The sudden impact jarred his head, his vision blurred, and all he saw was his “commander” standing above him, with a grin and a smile as his other “allies” took away his ammo and anything that could be used as a weapon, without taking his guns away.

“You messed with the wrong businessman my friend,” His “commander” spoke down to him as he stood aback, and allowed Grim to stand “You should never accept a contract without knowing who you were fucking over”.
A gunshot, Grim body spasmed a moment as he fell to the ground, stunned from his “ally” ‘s favorite pistol. The last thing he saw before everything went black was the “Commander” opening up the cleanest communication line he had ever heard in his life.

“It’s done, he will suffer in the jungle here”

When Grim awoke, daylight broke through the cloudy sky, and the storms cycle went into its downturn. It took him half an hour to sit up, another to get rid of the shock from the blaster stun. Without looking at his watch he knew, he was alone, and he had been like that for hours now. With the help of his trusty rifle, he walked back to the so called “Hideaway”, seeing as it was his only place of refuge he knew of. Upon entering, the star light brought nothing but darkness to the cave, and with the lightning, nothing better, but once the sunlight dowsed the entrance in light, the cave held secrets of the recent night’s betrayal. Beer cans and an empty blaster clip was all he needed to see to realize what had happened here, that, and a datapad on a nearby rock glowed with all the information he needed to know as why it happened to him.

“The Ultima Corporation mourns the loss of head of the company, John Ultima”. The title was enough to recall the mission. An assassination of a corrupt head of an elite business, simple job for simple pay. It only took a day to find the spot of the kill and another to find where he would hide to take it. The company would cover it in lies of illness and unspecified death, to lead the reporters away from the truth behind it all, while they would fear for what caused such a killing to take place.
Grim set up shop in a nearby construction site, his rifle lay next to him as he scanned the environment. The nearby buildings caused the winds to shutter and accelerate at their leisure making more consideration into the shot more of a point then firing blindly into it. The tools and makeshift walls gave him perfect cover and concealment from the daylight, as well as passers by, just as a speeder zoomed across the skies in front of him. While the weather gave him the best opening as the workers took the days off due to “Unsafe weather conditions”.
Hours past as Grim rested his head on his rifle, watching the commuters, move about and fly around, looking for newer and better things, avoiding the talks of war and the ugliness that it reveals. As nightfall approached, the sight of movement at the landing pad of the building caught Grim’s eye, as he watched the Ultima’s “Prime” transport roll in, carrying a soon to be corpse and…With a sigh he moved his eye to the scope to confirm. Yup, the corpse has a woman with him, and that’s definitely not his wife. Watching the pair enter the building, Grim adjusted his scope, calibrated the new parameters of the new location he would need to fire upon and prepared to finish the job assigned. 5 floors up, the contact had informed him that, the room was always reserved for the businessman, when he goes on “Trips”, and every 3rd week of every month on the calendar, the room would be occupied for the entire week, as John would go about his business at his side job and “relax”.
Typical, Grim thought as his scope adjusted to the moonlight and the view cleared of the open windows of the apartment. The contact was precise on how he wanted the kill to be done as they had already sent the company a threatening letter stating their demands for retribution for their ill ways. Compensation for losses, public apology, if you could name it, the contact asked for it as they called it justice. But to Grim, it was all just another reason to get another paycheck.
The room lights turned on and Grim’s breathing stilled for a moment. Movement to the right of the window, brought his eyes to the woman, her gaze was trained on something farther back into the room, something he couldn’t see, but by the relaxed figure, he knew it was the corpse to be. She was on her way to the restroom to freshen up, or to the built in bar to grab another round for the two of them. Whatever the case, the time was soon to be upon Grim to take the shot and get out
What goes up, must come down, that was how the assignation was to be, a damn near impossible shot on a damn near impossible target. So Grim laid in his makeshift shelter for bars and walls, watching the room’s window from below, waiting until the corpse moved into place. The contact had given him a detailed report of their previous surveillance of the man, before every “conquest”, John would walk to the window, gaze out into the abyss of the world, realize his power in the world and then commit to the atrocity he had already planned to complete. As if on cue, the corpse moved into place, holding a glass to his chest, his gaze out across the world as the night grew silent from it all.
The Rifle fired, the black rifle bolt ripped through the open air, tearing away the wind as if death itself was carried upon its back. The contact had given him the means to the end, the corpse believed he was safe behind the hardened glass of a bunker window the hotel had installed for occasions such as this. However, as the “Death Bringer” ’s advertisement suggested, the red explosion of the corpses face was enough to classify the kill as Grim watched the body fall, the bodiless scalp fall against the glass, and the window shattering only around the entry point of the bullet and anything more.
Time, time enough to place the evidence, time enough to get away, time enough to get out clean. As Grim stood and began placing the necessary items, leaving the rifle and the casing where they flew, Grim began the meticulous work of making sure the frame was perfect before he departed. With a Grim smile, he looked upon the scene one last time
“Death comes for us all” he whispered to the empty air around him as he disappeared into the night. Within the hour, the company heads would arrive, clambering about to confirm their fears…..

Thunder clashed once more outside, dragging Grim from his thoughts. As the rain pelted the ground once more, the sounds echoed into the cave making the once eerie silence into a somewhat soothing effect as Grim sat back against the rock face, staring at his empty rifle, and his blaster, left with only a single round.
“I guess I have all the time in the world” Grim spoke to himself as he gazed at the rain, listening to the sounds of the rain and the loneliness of world around him.
“You look like hell my friend” A voice spoke and Grim’s eyes weren’t even pointed towards the door before he has his blaster pointed at it. A being stood, leaning against the entrance, weapons holstered as the rain glistened against his armor. As lightning flashed outside the cave, the being that stood at the entrance was more defined.
“Who are you?” Grim spoke as his glare watched the figure move into the open space of the cave. Based on the lighting, the being was a man in full armor, a jetpack on his back, and a rifle strapped to his back.
“Your savior, a voice in the dark,” the man spoke as he looked out into the wild, ignoring Grim’s gun as if it was nothing more than a prop, ”But right now, you look like you could use a friend”.
Grim stared at the man a moment as he paced back and forth in front of the cave, and then looked at his own gun, as it felt so heavy in his hands. With a reaffirmed grip however, he pointed it again at the man before him. “I don’t need any friends” He spoke through gritted teeth as his new found anger at this, care-free man, before him.
“The gun is empty” The man spoke, turning his head towards Grim. Within that moment’s hesitation, as Grim eyed the clip of the gun, the man dodged to the left, taking out his blaster at his hip and fired at Grim. The bolt struck him square in the chest and he slumped to the ground once more, stunned once again. The man walked over Grim, and picked up the gun from his locked down hands. Before it all went black for Grim once more, he watched the man turn to the nearest beer can and fire a shot with Grim’s blaster.

Nothing came out and the beer can laid where it was as the darkness crept in once more.

Grim awoke, this time, not to the sound of rain, but a crackling fire. His vision slowly returned to him as he gazed about what he believed to be the cave where he was before, not expecting to see however, the room that lay around him. His eyes widened a moment as his instincts kicked in and he remained still on the couch, his ears adjusting to the sounds around him, trying to hear anything to confirm his location besides the fireplace he saw to his left and the sound of odd music, softly coming from a possible room a ways from where he lay. His confusion sparkled a moment before he heard the sounds of steps, coming closer towards him. He closed his eyes once more and feigned stunned sleep in hopes to catch hopefully, the man that stunned him, by surprise.
Step…..his breathing slowed
Step….his eyes closed more to a sleep fit for a man stunned then a man awake
Step…the sounds came from behind the couch
Silence…it killed Grim and wished to understand why he stopped so close.
A jolt from the back of the couch brought more confusion into Grim’s brain. However his realization only came, when the sudden feeling of flight took over him and his eyes shot open to watch as the couch which he had laid on, was now above him and he wasn’t laying in it anymore.


Grim’s body smacked into the room floor as the couch landed a foot away from him.
“Rule 1: Never believe you are in control” A familiar voice spoke as Grim’s head slowly turned towards where it came from. There stood human male, in a fine suit, carrying a glass of wine in one hand and the other was both empty, and mechanical, all the way past the elbow. “If you believe for a second you are in control, you’re dead” he spoke as he walked past Grim, lifted the couch with his mechanical arm, and placed it back where it was.
With a grunt and gritted teeth, Grim sat up from the floor.
“WHO ARE YOU AND WHERE THE HELL AM I?!” His anger was evident in his words and he forced himself to stand quickly and glared at the man before him. The man in the fine suit, eyed him a moment, sighed, and shook his head before taking another sip from his glass.
“The name is Kagesh, and you are in my home” The man spoke as he took another sit and went towards the kitchen, “Rule two: never show your anger, it shows your weakness of both mind and body”.Grim glared at the man as he looked around the room.

“Where is my stuff?”
“You mean the empty guns and worthless data-pad?” Kagesh questioned as he finished his glass and got another bottle of wine from the kitchen, “I put them where they belong”.

“And where would that be?” Grim glared towards the man more as his eyes scanned the room for anything to use as a weapon.

“In the furnace” Kagesh took another sip as he looked through a nearby fruit-basket. Grim’s anger exploded at the point, his trusty rifle being burned to smolders and his pistol nothing more than slag. Without hesitation he moved around the couch and charged the man, blinded by his fury of his lost past.


Grim crumpled to the ground as by the time he had rounded the corner of the couch, Kagesh had pulled out a hidden stun-gun behind the fruit basket, aimed, and fired.
“Already ten seconds into my training and you already forget rule two” Kagesh spoke as he reloaded the stun gun and placed it back into its little hiding spot. His only response was Grim’s eyes, glaring up at him. “Not much of a talker now are you, well it makes sense now,” he moved across to the other side of the kitchen and got himself a lime, “since this is the third time in the past two days that you have been stunned”.

Kagesh’s smile just added fuel to the flame as Grim turned his head slowly and kept his glare trained on him.

“Don’t you want to take revenge on the guys that left you on his jungle filled hell hole?” Kagesh spoke in a tone of utmost power as well as severity, reminding Grim that the anger he felt now, was only partially the fault of the man before him, but the rest was the fact that he was left here to die. Grim’s eyes closed for only a moment as he took a deep breath and fought against the concussive waves of stun-gun agony to sit himself up.

“Well don’t you call me impressed” Kagesh smiled as he walked to the sink with an empty glass, “Most men would be dead right now from being stunned so much, but here’s you, mr.Grim, already pissed at the world and sitting up like a guy who owns the place.”
“What do you want from me?” Grims word were slow as the effect of the stun still affected his mouth.

“Your time” Kagesh grabbed onto Grim’s hand and helped him clasp the cup of water he had, “Give me time to train you, and I will make you the best in the world.”

“Why me?”

“Simple, I watched your ship come in and I thought only that little squad of yours was it, but then there is you, sitting in the grass, hidden away so well that it took your buddies taking you out for me to spot you”

Grim’s small chuckle brought a smile to kagesh as he grabbed an orange from the counter.
“What will you train me to become?” his words were spoken with confidence as his hands started to flex more freely.

“A bounty hunter” Kagesh smile suddenly turned more evil then most others could possess, especially from how carefree he had been so far. Grim’s counter smile, the one usually seen after a kill.


Kagesh crumpled to the floor beside Grim with a look of utter surprise on his face as he did not expect Grim to recover his mobility so quickly, to be able to punch him in the crotch.

“Ok…I deserved that” Kagesh spoke as Grim’s smile just grew on his face as he retracted his arm.


Grim’s eyes turned to mild horror as a tranquilizer hit him in the hip, from a hidden compartment in Kagesh’s mechanical arm.

“Rule 3: Don’t piss off the teacher” these were the last words Grim heard before he blacked out from the knock out dart.

For the next 5 years, Grim trained under Kagesh’s guidance, using the jungle as their school ground he trained in every skill which is required for most high ranking bounty hunters. From shooting targets and hunting prey, to climbing mountains and hiding from foes, the training was long and tiring. But it all paid off in the end……

Grim stood in darkness now, his stance showing power and authority as he stood in the audience of his fellow bounty hunters, including his mentor, who stood near the entrance, fully clad in the armor he wore when he first found Grim. As the lights started to brighten, a black and grey hutt lay before him, his gaze, dark and brooding as he looked over Grim in his new armor, stringing a higher class sniper rifle on his back, as well as his other assortment of goodies.

The sudden laughter from the Hutt broke the silence of the room, as all eyes turned to him now. As he began to speak, a nearby droid’s eyes lit up and it began to translate.
“The great Hutt Zordo….” The droid started to translate, but the sudden cut off silence from Zordo made the droid not wish to use honorifics anymore, and when Zordo spoke again, the droid continued.

“It is not often, we he hear that Kagesh, our 5th in command, take in a disciple of any sort” The droid spoke in perfect frequency, as his parts were state of the art, “But we here are not ones to question him in any regard”. The silence ebbed for a few moments as Grim felt the eyes turn to Kagesh and then back to him.

“Nonetheless,” the droid motioned as Zordo motioned to the other bounty hunters, standing in the darkness beside him, “Upon hearing of your skills, we have decided to bring you here today, to allow you to join our ranks”.

Grim bowed his head for a moment, “I am honored sir” he spoke through the headset given to him at the door, what overtook his words was that language of the Hutts which brought a smile to Zordo’s face.

“Our group is small, but that is how we like it to be,” The droids arms went down to its sides as Zordo’s did, “You may give the our name to the world, but our numbers must remained veiled in secrecy”.

“I understand”

“Gooood” Zordo smiled as he motioned for a data-pad to be brought foreword, “Your first mission is on Kalab, it is a simple kill mission, after which you are to report to my contact on the planet.”

“Understood” Grim bowed his head and took the data-pad from the droid, just before he could turn to leave, Zordo chuckled which stopped Grim dead.

“Also, as a, well” Zordo’s smile took an a menacing form and his tone which was that of power, held murder with every word, “Let’s just say, those that caused you to be brought towards us, are now under our eyes”

Those words alone brought such a smile to Grim’s face that if it wasn’t for the helmet he currently wore, his teeth would have gleamed in the room-light. Grim bowed his head far further then he has ever done before, just before he turned to his teacher and bowed to him as well. With confidence of a man walking on a god’s front lawn, he moved to the exit beside his teacher.

“Good luck Grim,” Though a private com channel Kagesh spoke directly into Grim’s helmet. Grim remained silent as he walked past his teacher and walked towards the Landing pad of the ship that would take him into his new life.

Grim’s response came as he boarded the ship to Kalab, “I don’t need luck, Kagesh, Death comes for all my enemies eventually”.

Grim harker

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